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park day

June 23, 2009

we belong to the most wonderful homeschool group imaginable. each person brings their own personality and energy to the group, making for a most interesting whole. the weekly park days are one of the highlights of the girl’s week, and mine also. yet another part of my life to be grateful for.

today, it was rattlesnakes, racoons and rock climbing – never mind the other 3 r’s.



missed the picture of the rattlesnake…….and feeling just fine with that!


under construction

June 3, 2009

remember days like today

June 1, 2009

a day that just poked about, good music, good company with the husband and the girl, homemade sausage ground and flavored, half the house cleaned and an amazing playtime with the girl. animals and all.


basking in the glow…

May 28, 2009

my life has been wrapped in a sweet, warm quilt of the love of my family and friends, end of spring weather and the anticipation of the lazy days of summer. what a nice place to be.



spring evening stroll

May 22, 2009

the girl, the dog, the weather – all perfect in their own ways.



from silliness and giggles


to make believe

make believe.....

and the dog? well........

and the dog, well.....

henry found a girlfriend!

henry found a girlfriend....

hello out there

May 15, 2009

while this blog has been neglected, it hasn’t been forgotten. the neglect was partially intentional – when i realized that the writing for this space was becoming more of a chore than a pleasure, that i felt guilty when i didn’t post – well, let’s just say it was a time out for some thinking on what the point is. which led to some work and thinking on other aspects of where this mind was/is going . and now that my head (and heart) are being gently prodded onto new paths, i feel comfortable starting to write again. this time the only rule is that the moment any part of the process doesn’t feel good, out the window it will go.

and then there was also the unintentional part – and that’s the fun stuff! spring sprung, daylight hours became longer and suddenly the sap started moving through my veins. we couldn’t get enough of being outdoors, breathing in the scent of life starting a new season. i love how each season has its own smell. spring smells loamy. leaves and other matter left over from previous seasons get rained upon and release their aromas. new growth bursting into the open, and that has a smell all it’s own. i can’t describe it, but definitely a smell. wildflowers, the first roses, bay trees. it’s a good time to be outdoors. and i think i’m starting to smell summer mixed into the potpourri…….and we got a little taste of it while camping this past week. which is a post of its own, so for now, i’m padding off to knit. leaving this space happy with what i’ve written.

yes, she can!!

April 15, 2009

it clicked – the girl read a book!! yes, it was a “bob” book, yes, by the second time through she had it memorized, but nonetheless……she connected sounds with letters, strung the sounds together, and i am just so proud! better yet, SHE is so very delighted with herself. and i was privileged to be able to watch it unfold. i love this homeschooling thing!