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taped on the wall

April 14, 2009

“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in.”

Rachel Carson

i taped this to the wall to remind me that i AM this person for the girl……not perfect, not always tuned in, but trying oh so hard – and reminders always help.


March 14, 2009


interesting things and thinks #5

March 7, 2009

it’s been a good week – check these out!

1. we’ve been wanting a telescope – but the high cost has put us off a bit – in celebration of the international year of astronomy the international astronomical union has offered this. we think these will do nicely!

2. i may be the last person on this planet to start using the google reader. and i found it to be overwhelming – i was literally reading so much i could no longer remember what i had read. i stumbled on these tips for using the reader and it helped. google reader is addicting.

3. this is just amazing…..and warrants digging deeper to find out more.

4. want to learn about physics? superconductivity? how about fluid mechanics (what???)? international relations? online learning is interesting and free – i’m thinking that taking some of these classes will help hone some of my weaker areas of knowledge, and will be fun to boot!

5. the family over at blue yonder put together the book of days every month. we’ve ordered the last two months and have had a lot of fun with them, and think it’s just neat that a family of homeschoolers put this together.

6. seen at our house last week – a bunch of kids acting out the story of little red retold by lynn roberts. a funny take on little red riding hood, but little red is a boy and there is a giant belch in the story. the kids were hilarious and all wanted to be the wolf (because of the belch). this is a fun thing to do and will definitely encourage more of this.

7. adult reads this week – the age of american unreason by susan jacoby; lies my teacher told me: everything your american history textbook got wrong by james loewen; the philosophy gym by stephen law; better than school by nancy wallace. i’ve finished none of them yet, so can’t really recommend, but they’re all very interesting reads so far.

8. okay – here’s a secret – i’m a yanni fan. and he has a new show & album – yanni voices. featuring new singing talent that wrote lyrics to some of his songs. and this guy, nathan pacheco, he sings. and his voice is gorgeous. goosebump gorgeous. and violinist samvel yervinyan is amazing, as always. if you get a chance to see this on pbs – do it, don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

nice day

March 5, 2009

every once in a while, we end up having just a plain old nice day. nothing fancy – but there is harmony and good behavior and peacefulness amongst us all. today was such a day.



the girl and her dad went searching for treasures, the dog tagged along, chasing sticks, swimming and frolicking with his dog friends. me? i enjoyed the views, excavated sand tunnels with the girl and i made this:


look like this:


that bag there? well, i hadn’t planned on picking up trash, so all there was to collect it was a brown paper bag. which i set down on the sand. obviously it was wet, and burst open when i picked it up. thanks to mike, and a box, we eventually got it to the trash can, and a good portion of beach is cleaner.

this was truly one of the most disgusting beaches i’ve seen in a long time. the bay is dirty, but this was ridiculous. trash bags, rubber gloves, chip bags, juice boxes, never mind the more unsavory things. i just don’t understand. jeez.

but the main point is that it was a really nice day.

“i believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls off a string.”  – l.m. montgomery

 (thanks lori – i haven’t read the anne books for years, this is a good reminder to reread them and relive a bit of my childhood!)

happy birthday, girl #1

February 25, 2009

touchupdscf01931“Nobody tells you that if you live long enough and if you survive the inevitable stresses and mistakes, the best part of parenting is having your children in your life as adults … your ultimate purpose is to get through the child development years to savor the pleasure of having in your life a magnificent adult with whom you have an excellent relationship … if you’re aware at the beginning how this process works, you can make better choices about the kind of memories you want to end up with.” Lois Haddad


like all moms, i made my share of mistakes while raising this beautiful girl. some big, some little, and some from ignorance. in spite of this, she has grown into an incredibly amazing, smart and self-sufficient woman, who happens to be one of my greatest joys. she has taught me many lessons in life, and will most assuredly continue to do so. like the quote above points out, there is nothing so wonderful as having a good relationship with your adult child. in some ways, no one will ever know you better. i love her more than i ever thought possible and as she carves her path through life, i am so proud to watch and cheer her on.

so – happy birthday, teresa. we love you very much!

interesting things and thinks #4

February 22, 2009

1. helen started this new blog, and great stuff it is!

2. best children’s book of the week (most probably the year!) – especially if you’re a neil gaiman fan. sophisticated, scary (in a good way), funny and a good twist at the end. throw in amazing artwork and a smart, young heroine, it’s a winner.

3. like color? like to play with color? come play here!

4. free? classic reading material? why, YES! if you like historical and philosophical reading – check this out. small collection, but includes some emerson essays plus franklin’s autobiography.

5. since we’re in a literary mode today – here’s a blog with tons of information for children’s books.

have a good week!

so i have this friend……

February 20, 2009

who doesn’t understand why i think she’s so pretty………this is why…..

her son looks at her like this.....

her son looks at her like this.....

she is really this kind.....

she really is this laid back to be around......

she treats the girl like this.....

she treats the girl like this.....

how can i not think of her as pretty?