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reading list

a list of current and past reads – each of these books was excellent….

  • creative homeschooling for gifted children: a resource guide by lisa rivero – gifted or not, filled with interesting resources and a good section on learning styles
  • the canon: a whirligig tour of the beautiful basics of science by natalie angier – i’m a little fuzzy on science, and this is a wonderful “living” book to read and has led to boisterous and disorderly discussions
  • the story of civilization by will and ariel durant – still working my through them for the second time – well-written, engaging and thorough
  • the war for children’s minds by stephen law
  • the gentle art of domesticity by jane brocket – if you ever need a clearly articulated argument for reveling in the joys of domesticity, this is it.
  • the child from five to ten by arnold gesell – a reasonable, sane look at what to expect from children of this age, without the modern “push” for accelerated growing up.
  • raising freethinkers by dale mcgowan – my favorite read of the year to date. a thoughtful look at raising children to think for themselves.
  • treehouses and other cool stuff by david and jeanie stiles – if you ever aspire to build a treehouse, this is a great starting point.
  • kyuuto! wooly embroidery – clean, whimsically modern emroidery ideas
  • living the good life – how to life sanely and simply in a troubled world by helen and scott nearing – a classic well worth the time spent, straight from the mouths of lifelong homesteaders
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